Studio #235 Matthew Crawford / ears are good

My name is Matt Crawford and I have been working in audio for about 15 years now. I started by doing sound design for live theatre and have since evolved into an accomplished Pro-Tools post production mixer/sound designer and location audio engineer. Houston, Texas is a great place to be for audio people like me and my credits range from re-recording mixer on theatrically released feature films, to mixer on reality TV shows, to complete audio services on international documentary films. I’m well known and respected locally by Studios and Production Managers alike and I maintain the highest level of professionalism in any environment.

When you have me on set or in the studio I always meet or exceed expectations and deliver the best possible product regardless of the environment or situation. From Run and Gun Over the Shoulder to sit-down interviews with astronauts or former presidents, I have been there and done that.

Need someone that has been through Secret Service screening and/or recorded pristine audio in a Turkish military zone?…Call me.

Need someone to clean up the horrific BG noise in your already recorded audio or create intricate sound design in the studio or make a delicate mix?…Call me.

I have a pretty unique combination of skills that have been fostered through time spent as full-time personnel in audio studios and time in the trenches on reality TV shows and traipsing across the globe with a boom pole over my head.

I can confidently say to you that I can handle any of your audio needs better than you expect.

Call me… 713-269-1168