Studio #227 Tony Parana
Tony Paraná is a self-taught, Brazilian artist, from the state of Bahia.  Located in northeastern Brazil, Bahia is a state known for its rich colors, flavorful foods, beautiful landscapes, eclectic music and unique Afro-Brazilian traditions.  Many of these Bahian components are portrayed in Paraná work.  The subject matter captured in Paraná’s work range from community life to local architecture, all having warmth and movement.

Paraná works primarily in oil painting, mixed media, sculptures and mosaics.  His work has been exhibited in Sao Paulo-Brazil, Los Angeles-CA, and Albuquerque-NM and in his current home, Houston-TX.
“To me, painting is the transference of images from everyday scenes I experienced while growing up in Brazil: street festivities, special celebrations, playing in the favelas and time at home with my family are all memories that reflect my culture, my work, and my motivation.  My art continuously connects me to my home, Brazil”