Studio #118 Katherine Houston

Much like trying to hold on to sand in your hand, control is the surprising outcome of letting go.  It is this push-and-pull of logic that drives me to make my art.  By fully relenting to my work, I somehow gain control.

As with any work of art, I start with a blank canvas, or in my case, a piece of plexi-glas.  I use the technique of “reverse painting,” where I apply acrylic paint to the back of a piece of plexi-glas.  On the other side beneath the layers of paint, lies the fruit of my labor.

Although, my method of painting lends itself to the creation of abstract imagery, I still find inspiration in a city or landscape, places grounded in reality.  I choose beautiful colors that fuel my brush strokes and pull me into the painting – a serene, happy place of my own making.

Like a blind contour drawing, “reverse painting” is about having control over something that cannot fully be controlled.  When I turn the plexi-glas over I see the totality of what I have created:  a beautiful, aesthietic interpretation of how the colors speak to me.