NCECA at Spring Street Studios

Code at Spring Street Studios is an exhibition of ten artists whose work merges sculptural boundaries with an investigation of systems of information, ranging from  scientific and technological data to biological, cultural, geographical, historical, and  social constructs. The exhibition will be on display March 20 – 23 and will feature  the following artists: Patsy Cox, Chad Curtis, Bryan Czibesz, Brian Gillis, Holly  Hanessian, Mia Mulvey, Amanda Small, Linda Sormin, John Williams and Julie York.

Mar 18-23.

Wed 10AM-5:30PM
Thu 10AM-5:30PM
Fri 10AM-9PM
Sat 1PM-5PM
Sun-Tue Closed.
Reception Mar 22, 6-9PM.


CODE, Patsy Cox, Chad Curtis, Bryan Czibesz, Brian Gillis, Holly Hanessian, Mia Mulvey, Amanda Small, Linda Sormin, John Williams, Julie York. Ranging from the interpretation of  scientific data to technological, biological, cultural, geographical, historical, and social constructs, CODE presents work from artists who merge sculptural boundaries with investigations of systems of information. Organized by Holly Hanessian and Bryan Czibesz.

 Industrial Landscape, Kwok-Pong (Bobby) Tso. Enrich and express the spatial relationship between Landscape and Object, through the characteristics of materials, and their qualities of balance, weight, and texture.

Location, Craig Clifford, Debbie Kupinsky, Peter Morgan, Kim Greene, David Smith, Karen Koblitz, Dylan Beck, Benjie Hue, Ian Thomas, and Michelle Tobia. An exploration of a specific place on the earth. Each artist will investigate the communication of the idea. Organized by Craig Clifford.

 Migrating Thoughts Settling in Another, Dennis Smith, Ryan Takaba. Smith’s work migrates from implied biological shapes to obscure objects evoking a thought while Takaba uses the concept of flower, vase, and the traveling of water. Organized by Ryan Takaba.

 Naturalization, Ray Meeker, Nidhi Jalan, Brian Kluge, Tammy Marinuzzi, Jeff Forster, Alex Kraft, Sharbani Das Gupta. From entropy and metamorphosis to expression, these artists are directly influenced by physical and mental environments; their work reflecting ‘Naturalization’ or the process of adaptation. Organized by Sharbani Das Gupta.

 Post-Industrial Excavations, Mark Rigsby. A series of evocative porcelain vessels, each encompassed in a fossil-like relief of industrial gear/cog forms interlaced within a dynamic composition of earthy texture.

Redefined, Aurora Hughes Villa, Marina Kuchinski, Kate Pszotka, Christine Rabenold. Probes perceptions of transformed objects to reveal contemplation with ideas, meaning, materiality and process. Exploring contexts of human environments, memory, the body and relationships. Organized by Kate Pszotka.

 Recent Works by James C. Watkins, James C. Watkins. This show consist of resent saggar fired – fumed double-walled vessels and multi-fired porcelain subsrtate tiles with laser cut drawings.

 Translatory Motion, Piotr Chizinski, JD Durham, Loren Erdrich, Sarah Haven, Brian R. Jobe, Shreepad Joglekar, Ryder Richards, Sue Anne Rische, Kale Roberts, Ian F. Thomas, Dryden Wells, Jonathan Whitfill. A collection of blue & white, hand-painted Jingdezhen porcelain tiles; the resulting resulting creations of a Culture Laboratory Collective project focused on the phenomenons of communication and translation. Organized by Dryden Wells and Ian F. Thomas.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow, Jeremy R. Brooks, John Balistreri, Charlie Cummings, Anna Calluori Holcombe, Colby Parsons, Ian F. Thomas. Showcases some of the contemporary innovations that are exploring what it means to be a ceramic artist today. Organized by Ian F. Thomas.

Collaborative Energy, Shane Christensen, Stephen Heywood, Brian Jensen and Michael Schmidt. Current work from members of the art collective known as “The Firm”. This exhibition marks ten years of exhibiting and working together as a collaborative entity. Organized by Brian Jensen.

 Evolving Traditions: Golden Bridge Pottery and Ceramics in India, Ray Meeker, Deborah Smith, Aarti Vir, Adil Writer, Amrita Dhawan, Nidhi Jalan, Antra Sinha, Ashwini Bhat, Madhvi Subrahmanian, Rakhee Kane, Vineet Kacker. Founded by American artists Deborah Smith and Ray Meeker in 1971, Golden Bridge Pottery has been central to cultural shifts taking place in contemporary Indian ceramics. This show brings together contemporary ceramic artists with foundations at Golden Bridge who seamlessly combine originality with tradition. Organized by Madhvi Subrahmanian.