Internal Dialog: External Communication

On View: June 12 – September 10, 2017
Artist Reception: Friday, June 16 | 6-8 PM

IMG_3507_2Choosing a theme for this exhibition was relatively easy, and primarily intuitive. We are in relationships with ourselves and one another because of and/or in spite of the interpretations and nuances derived from all manner of dialog and communication. As I visited with each individual and saw their work, I recognized multiple internal dialogs expressed in uniquely external ways. The 28 artists in this exhibition have contributed artworks that together create visual conversations between the pieces as well as between artists and viewers.

Many of the artists, Michael Golden for one, take nature as their muse and ask us to glean the messages from realistic, abstract and sculptural interpretations of their subjects. Ron Gordon and others express long-forgotten memories, dreams or personal experiences through more figurative imagery – some abstracted, some more recognizable. Lou Vest communicates his love of Guatemalan culture, taking us along to see the colorful street vendors. Robert Seale gives us up-close-and-personal messages about the power of the human spirit as seen through the eyes of his subjects as well as their physical attributes. Tony Parana invites us to investigate the stories behind his multi-faceted paintings alluding to his Brazilian cultural heritage.

As a curator, I have always considered the practice of selecting and placing work to be similar to completing a puzzle. Deciding on a theme sets the border, selecting the work puts all of the pieces right side up, and sequencing the images connects the pieces and brings the puzzle to full form – a finished work of art, so to speak. So it has been with this exhibition – selecting an image and sequencing the selection to complete the vision is my artwork.  As you move from one image to the next, check for the nuances in the connections between the artworks as well as between the artists. Perhaps you’ll find the relationships between the internal dialogs and external communications as fascinating as I.

Diane Griffin Gregory, Curator

Diane Griffin Gregory is a founding partner and now sole owner of Caslin Gregory & Associates, Consultants for Arts and Culture, in business since 2005. She has a B.A. in French and a B.A. in Studio Art from the University of St. Thomas, Houston. Gregory is an experienced juror and independent curator working both with individual clients as well as organizations such as Houston Methodist, Houston Community College Central, and Art League of Baytown.