Beaver’s – Gastropub Meets Texas Icehouse

Beaver’s is a great place to hang out and enjoy friends, fun drinks and great food – it’s just “DAM GOOD!”  With menus that focus on Texas coastal cuisines and playful (but serious) cocktails, beer and wine, Beaver’s takes the traditional Texas icehouse to another level.


Beaver’s History

The building on the corner of Decatur St. and Sawyer has been a neighborhood icehouse for over 30 years (according to the locals who keep stopping by to say they used to enjoy their beer here): it was first called Doodie’s (really) and then Beaver’s.

Icehouses in Texas have a long history of being THE cornerstone of a neighborhood: once the only place to get ice, they soon became gathering places to drink beer, eat and hang out with neighbors.

We are big fans of recycling, so we decided to recycle the name along with the painted beaver on the front of the building.

And, as luck would have it, the beaver represents a lot of what an icehouse really is and what we wanted this restaurant/bar to be. Beavers have done more than any other animal (except for humans) to shape our landscape. By building dams, they create what’s called an “edge,” a fruitful zone where natural communities meet; they are also the first conservationists – their dams not only cleaned and saved water supplies but provided homes and food for dozens of other species. Beaver’s aspires to live up to its animal legacy: we want to change Houston’s landscape and bring diverse communities together. The Washington corridor is already an “Edge,” an area that is teeming with new housing developments and some of the best restaurants in the city and Beaver’s Icehouse is proud to take its place as an anchor on the edge of the Washington corridor.