Studio #232 Kim Tobin Acting Studio

Kim Tobin Acting Studio

It is our goal to introduce you to as many approaches to the acting craft as we can. We can help you find the tools necessary to know the difference between pretending to feel what the “character” feels, and actually inhabiting that life with your own.

With over 20 years experience training under, or teaching for the most respected instructors in New York and Los Angeles. I also have almost 25 years of acting credits covering stage, film and television. My objective is to strengthen the essential skills of great acting. These abilities include; living fully in the present, being led by instinct rather than our head, being responsive to our partner(s) in each moment, really doing rather than pretending to do what we are doing, being the expression of who we truly are rather than what we think others want us to be, and bringing our own personal meaning to everything we do.